Legacies of La Salle

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Legacies of La Salle

As we approach our 50th Anniversary (2010-2011 school year), it seems appropriate to recognize the men and women within the La Salle community who have established a legacy of care, commitment and dedication to our young men.

Thus, six new funds have been established to recognize these educators and to assist young men seeking a Lasallian education.  They are:

Bill Cady Legacy Fund

Many people live their lives not knowing that their daily walk, quiet leadership and commitment to developing young men would lead to defining their legacy – a La Salle Legacy. No other man epitomizes a La Salle Legacy more than Bill Cady.

For 47 years, Bill Cady was directly involved with the young men of La Salle as a teacher, coach, moderator, Athletic Director, and Director of Christian Service. Many remember Bill for developing La Salle into a premier basketball program in the Cincinnati area through a soft  voice and a stern handshake. However, as time evolved, so did Bill’s legacy from “Coach” to  “Servant of Christ.” This daily commitment and belief in the power of a Lasallian education molded Bill throughout his years at La Salle.

As Gene Jessee ’65, current La Salle teacher stated, “Bill Cady was the reason I came back to La Salle. He was a selfless person that gave of his time for the development of young  men and he led by Christian example. He was and is a great role model!”

Bill saw the value of a Lasallian education and the experiences gained by his students. It is his belief that the sons of La Salle graduates would be the best ones to carry on the La Salle Legacy. Hence, alumni, faculty and friends of La Salle have come together to create the Bill Cady Legacy Fund.

Bill Cady Legacy Fund Purpose
The purpose of this fund is to assist La Salle graduates to afford a Lasallian education for their son(s) who otherwise would not have had an opportunity to attend La Salle due to rising tuition costs.

Bill Cady Legacy Fund Goal
As tuition has increased, so has the need to develop tuition assistance programs. The goal of this program is to provide $50,000 in annual support to honor Bill’s dedication to La Salle.

Bob Freemal Scholarship Fund

Graduates of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s remember Bob Freemal as a  teacher and coach who was “hardnosed” and demanding. So much so that rumors followed Bob regarding his boxing prowess and physical toughness.

This superficial façade was only an occasional guise to the true character of this man. If you  were fortunate to know Bob, you witnessed a man unwavering in his genuine concern for bringing out the best in the students and athletes he coached.

His knowledge in the classroom and on the athletic field was exceptional. Bob dedicated 28 years of his life as a teacher and mentor of thousands of La Salle students. He expected nothing less than a 100% effort from those he taught and coached.

Bob died on January 31, 2004 just five years after his retirement from La Salle. In  recognition of Bob Freemal’s longstanding commitment to our students an endowed  scholarship has been established. The purpose of this endowed scholarship is to recognize in  perpetuity the ideals he expected in his students – commitment, sacrifice, dedication and  hard work.

Bob Freemal Endowed Scholarship Fund Purpose

The purpose of this fund is to build an endowed source of funding that provides yearly scholarships to students entering La Salle. Students qualifying for this scholarship must exude the characteristics that would have been expected by Bob Freemal.

Bob Freemal Endowed Scholarship Fund Goal

The initial goal is to secure $100,000 in funding to provide multiple scholarships.  

Bob Krueger Endowed Scholarship Fund

Bob Krueger has been around Catholic education all his life, starting from his days at Purcell High School (1950 graduate) and Xavier University (1955 and 1975 M Ed.), to his times at Elder High School (1955) and Purcell High School (1956-1958) where he taught and coached and finally to his time at La Salle (1961-1996) where he played a significant role in the development of young men in his role as Dean of  Discipline, coach and motivator. In short, through these 41 years, Bob’s commitment to Catholic education was unending.

In his role as Dean of Discipline at La Salle, Bob had many opportunities to assist young men in the development of their character, and more importantly, holding students accountable for their actions. Bob’s dedication to serving the young men of La Salle enabled him to instill in students: self-discipline, accountability and dedication.

Bob’s strong belief in the La Salle tradition of educating young men was an inspiration to many. In fact, so much so, that three alumni came together in early 2007 to donate the  seed funds to establish the Bob Krueger Endowment Fund in recognition of Bob’s commitment and passion for La Salle and Catholic education.

“Initially when I was presented with this concept, I thought ‘Who is going to donate to this fund?’ But as I have had more time to reflect on this honor, this is more about Catholic education than Bob Krueger. I have come to the conclusion that for Catholic education to  continue, we need to have programs like this to assist families that have invested in Catholic  education and want a quality Catholic education for their sons in high school.”

Bob Krueger Endowment Fund Purpose

The purpose of this fund is to assist needy students and their families that come from a  Catholic background and have invested in Catholic education for their son(s).

Bob Krueger Endowment Fund Goal

The goal of this endowment program is to raise $200,000 by 2011. All interest earned on the fund will be used to assist families that meet the scholarship criteria. Since January  2008, over $100,000 has been raised towards this goal.

Bill Felchner Scholarship Fund

The mark “Wild Bill” Felchner  made on the students at La Salle during the 1970s continues throughout their adult lives. “Attending La Salle and wrestling for  Bill was an honor and privilege, and I know that everyone of my teammates from the 70s  shares this view,” says Randy Davis ’74. “His positive influence remains with every one of us to this day.”

“When you spend the amount of time we did with Coach Felchner,” adds Jim Tebbe ’75, “who he is and what he stands for becomes part of your fabric, part of who you are, and never goes away.”

Bill grew up in Virginia Beach, VA where he played football and wrestled in high school. He attended the University of Cincinnati on a football scholarship, earning his degree in business education in 1972. That same year Bill was hired to teach business classes and coach football and wrestling at La Salle. Bill credits this first career opportunity to the guidance of George Ginn and the leadership of Brother Kevin Griffin.

Bill’s initial goal was to attract more wrestlers and to introduce the Granby System at La Salle. As he proctored study hall or the lunch room, he talked to the students about wrestling. And they listened. Students like Randy Davis, Mike LaRosa and Bob Bass, class of 1974, Jim Tebbe and Steve Scheid, class of 1975, Rick Reardon and Mike Cross, class of   1976, Neal Neyer and Greg Trachsel, class of 1977, Mark Ruberg, class of 1978, and so  many more heeded Coach Felchner’s call and joined the program. “Enthusiasm is the biggest thing,” Felchner says. It was contagious and the program grew.

Brother Kevin recognized the positive effect in the school and in the community. In 1973, he moved the wrestlers from a small garage under the Brothers’ kitchen to their own wrestling room next to the band room. The numbers of wrestlers increased, the gym was packed for meets, and titles were won. In 1975 and 1976, the Lancer wrestling program was a power house, not only in Cincinnati but in the state. It reflected Bill’s motto that positivism breeds positivism.

Recently wrestling alumni invited Felchner back to La Salle to address the new coaches, students and parents. Bill said he was honored to share his La Salle experience with them. “Everybody deserves a chance to be influenced by a teacher, coach or mentor like Bill Felchner. We were very lucky enough to be in the presence of Bill Felchner,” says
Tebbe. “Let’s make sure that it won’t be just luck for some other kid to have that same kind
of opportunity.”

The Bill Felchner Scholarship is now being established. “There’s no better way to carry on the “Wild Bill” tradition than giving a deserving student the same chance we had,” say Davis. “I hope the wrestlers, and all La Salle grads, will consider contributing to the worthy cause of  the Bill Felchner Scholarship.”

“I think the scholarship is a wonderful idea,” says Bill, “and a tremendous honor to me personally.”

“A scholarship is the least I can do to help,” says Bob Bass ’74. “What Coach Felchner taught  me about wrestling pales greatly in comparison to what he taught me as a man. I would give the keys to the kingdom to be able to touch another human being in the positive  way he influenced me. Thank you, Bill. I’m eternally grateful.”

Bill now lives in Memphis, TN, home of the Christian Brothers University. When he meets someone from the university and he mentions he’s from Cincinnati, they often comment  that there is a wonderful school there – La Salle High School – founded by the Christian  Brothers. The connection is made and Bill can recant his days there as a teacher and a coach. He says, “In my life, La Salle was awesome.”

Bill Felchner Scholarship Fund Purpose
The purpose of this fund is to provide yearly scholarships to deserving students who demonstrate hard work and determination.

Bill Felchner Scholarship Fund Goal

The goal of this fund is to provide multiple scholarships.

Mick Owens Academic Scholarship Fund

Mick Owens was passionate about his vocation as a teacher. Mick took each student as his own special project and pushed each one to academic excellence. This professional and caring approach enabled him to convey complex concepts and ideas while making his classroom fun and entertaining. His patient demeanor and sincerity made  him a favorite among students. In short, his influence on students was genuine and sincere, with the student’s best interest in mind.

“The impact he has had on thousands of La Salle students is something that will last a  lifetime. Personally, Mick’s impact on me as a mentor and friend affects me every day. He is  truly a special man.” -Joe Muenchen, Current La Salle Faculty Member

As the Head of the English department, Mick was clearly focused on providing the highest academic environment and curriculum for young men. This dedication clearly enables La  Salle to attract the best and brightest students to attend La Salle High School. Thus, in recognition of Mick’s longstanding vocation, as well as his sincere and genuine approach to  teaching and his commitment to academic enhancement at La Salle High School, the Mick  Owens Academic Scholarship Fund has been created.

Mick Owens Academic Scholarship Fund Purpose

The purpose of this fund is to provide yearly scholarship to top incoming 8th grade students who exemplify extraordinary academic excellence.

Mick Owens Academic Scholarship Fund Goal

The goal of this fund is to provide multiple academic scholarships to deserving students who embody academic excellence.

Brother Mario Stockhausen and Brother Daniel Carrigan Fund for Co -Curricular Excellence

No two Christian Brothers in the history of La Salle High School better define the passion and commitment to athletic excellence than Brother Mario  Stockhausen and Brother Dan Carrigan. During La Salle’s early years, Brother Mario and Brother Dan moderated every sport at La Salle. You could count on seeing these two brothers at every baseball game, basketball game, football game, wrestling match or any other activity. Although Brother Mario and Brother Dan enjoyed athletic events, you would also find them attending every drama, band and choral production put on during the school year. Both passionately believed that a complete La Salle Lancer was a student who was involved in the school beyond the academic day.

The loss of these two very dedicated Christian Brothers was deeply felt by both faculty and students. Brother Mario and Brother Dan combined for 37 years of dedicated service to the La Salle community. It is with this in mind that a fund has been created to recognize Brother Mario Stockhausen’s and Brother Daniel Carrigan’s years of service to La Salle and their dedication and commitment to co-curricular programs at the school. Gifts given in their memory will be used to help sustain and enhance the co-curricular programs at La Salle High School.

Brother Mario Stockhausen and Brother Daniel Carrigan Fund Purpose

The purpose of this fund is to provide a source of revenue that will assist La Salle’s varied  co-curricular programs as they continue to maintain the excellence that each of our young  men deserves.

Brother Mario Stockhausen and Brother Daniel Carrigan Fund Goal

The goal of this fund is to provide additional revenue to satisfy critical needs of La Salle’s  co-curricular programs.

Bob Sauerbrey Fine Arts Scholarship Fund

When one thinks of Bob Sauerbrey, the following may come to mind:

Let us remember…if you want peace, work for justice…Carpe Diem… La Salle Drama…40 wonderful years at La Salle High School… Well, uh, ok…Latin, Theology, English, Theatre …Encore…SADD… rehearsals…opening nights…blood, sweat and tears… applause…passionate…student advocate…

His passion for English, Latin, Philosophy, and the Fine Arts made Bob a versatile teacher in and out of the classroom.

In the classroom, his focus on high academic standards and independent thinking made him a student favorite as he pushed his students toward excellence.

Outside the classroom, Bob’s passion for the Fine Arts was evident in his involvement and direction in the La Salle Drama Department. In fact, Bob was instrumental in carrying on the  tradition of excellence in dramatic productions established by Brother Patrick O’Brien during  the 1960’s.

“Bob Sauerbrey was an amazing teacher and director who inspired every student who sat in one of his classes or had the privilege of being in one of his plays. He was a soft-spoken,  brilliant philosopher who was a gift to the La Salle community for 40 years. He was my  mentor and friend and he changed my life.” - Connie A. Saho, La Salle Current Teacher and Drama Moderator

This strong foundation has led to the prominence that La Salle now holds in drama  throughout Cincinnati. In recognition of his 40 years of dedicated commitment to the young  men of La Salle and his passion for Drama and the Fine Arts, the Bob Sauerbrey Fine Arts  Scholarship has been established.

Bob Sauerbrey Fine Arts Scholarship Purpose

The purpose of this fund is to provide yearly scholarships to students seeking a Lasallian education and the experience within the Fine Arts Program at La Salle - including drama,  vocal ensemble, band and art.

Bob Sauerbrey Fine Arts Scholarship Goal

The goal of this program is to provide multiple scholarships to deserving students within the  Fine Arts Program.

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